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Frequently Asked Questions


Commercial insurance refers to insurance products specifically designed for businesses, distinct from retail products such as life, health, and motor insurance. It encompasses various coverage types, including property lines such as fire, mega, industrial all risk, and BLUs, as well as group health, group personal accident, marine, liability, and more.

No, our platform does not facilitate direct purchases. We recommend reaching out to your trusted agent or broker for assistance in obtaining insurance coverage. If you don’t have one, you can refer to the list of intermediaries provided by the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India).

No, we are neither a broker nor an insurance company. Our platform provides advanced software solutions that cater to the needs of both brokers and insurance companies, enhancing their operations and facilitating seamless transactions.

Our software streamlines the process of preparing quote slips, enabling your placement team to generate them within minutes. Additionally, we offer indicative quotes based on our own raters or your own raters, allowing you to provide your clients with estimated premiums immediately. Our platform also offers valuable features such as analytics on your dashboard, quote comparisons, gap analysis, benchmarking, bespoke wordings, the ability to create products on the fly, and audit trails and verification of proposals to minimize liability.

Our software empowers your underwriting team to efficiently generate quote slips within minutes. With our integrated underwriting engine, you can seamlessly work with your raters and place quotes based on your own rates. Furthermore, our platform enables you to create preunderwritten products, receive multiple quotes from multiple brokers in a standardized format, avoid duplication of work through unique identifier assignment for each quote, access analytics on your dashboard, perform quote comparisons from multiple brokers, utilize bespoke wordings, and create products on the fly.

In addition to the features available to brokers, our platform provides you with comprehensive knowledge management and risk management capabilities. You can even create and sell products on the fly, even if it’s not your core competency, expanding your offerings and enhancing your value proposition.

We offer multiple deployment models tailored to your specific requirements. Costs can be based on a per-quote basis or annual arrangements. To get more details and explore the options, please reach out to us.

Currently, our platform is web-based, accessible through standard web browsers. However, we are actively developing a mobile application to provide you with greater flexibility and convenience.

Our platform is a robust standard product that caters to a wide range of requirements. However, we also offer customized solutions as an IT/ITES service, allowing for tailor-made configurations of products, rates, and assignments, visible exclusively to your organization.

Yes, in addition to our comprehensive coverage of commercial lines of business, we are actively working on providing retail solutions as well. Our aim is to offer a holistic range of insurance solutions to meet diverse market demands.